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Basic knowledge of heat transfer machine

Heat Transfer Machine

Various heat transfer through the heat transfer can be hot in the cotton, hemp, chemical fiber fabrics, but also for screen printing, glue, foam and other process heat treatment, can also be colored color, portrait photo, landscape design, etc. baked on porcelain, metal plate, especially for production of medals, commemorative certificate card, tombstone, like, cultural Shandeng, economical and practical, exquisite designs. It can replace and are an alternative to traditional embroidery and screen printing, and the cost and the effect is much lower than and superior to the general embroidery and multicolor screen printing.
Heat transfer machine Category:
Press the hot plate shape and the use of function points: flat heat press machine (mainly for apparel fabrics size specifications set full), hot cup machine (can be hot cylindrical objects, generally used for cups), hot cap machine (with round arc, generally used in the finished cap), hot plate unit (also flat, but can be a hard surface such as metal stamping porcelain).
Power points by operation: manual heat press machine, pneumatic heat press machine, hydraulic press machine; or manual heat press machine, semi-automatic heat press machine, automatic heat transfer machine.
By agency: common type, high-pressure type, shaking his head type, pneumatic type, hydraulic type, etc.
Heat transfer machine has three concepts, namely, pressure, temperature and time.
Working Mechanism: By heating plate heating, with some pressure, specific temperature and time on the layers and heat transfer paper bonded to the solid substrates or penetrate into the substrate material above.

Manual heat press machine operations:
1, the direct pressure lever pull, the heating plate is completely open. Plug in the power, turn the power switch, indicator was lit; Note: Due to the higher power of the machine, the machine must have the appropriate protection of solid ground! ! !
2, the temperature adjustment: press "+" or "-" button to set the temperature, press the "+" button to increase the temperature setpoint, press the "-" button to reduce the temperature setting.
3, adjusting the timer knob to the left, transferred to the appropriate time to 10 seconds (depending on the length of time determined by materials);
4, when the temperature reaches the set value, the machine will automatically enter a constant temperature;
5, the transfer material such as clothing and flat on the printing stage, and then stacked to transfer pictures, handle the pressure forced under pressure; Note: The pressure must not be too large, otherwise it will cause deform handle the pressure! Pressure should be adjusted in advance.
6, the time that the buzzer, then put the pressure on the handle, remove the transferred material such as clothes, torn off the backing paper.
7, the baking temperature is usually in the metal plate 170-200 ℃, time of 20-40 seconds; porcelain baking temperature is generally 200-220 ℃, time of 120-150 seconds; baking temperature is usually in the fabric 120-140 ℃, time 5-10 seconds.
Heat transfer machine options:
The core component of heat transfer machine heating plate, so the choice should focus on the heat transfer machine.
Should be the upper and lower plates of aluminum and cast aluminum plate heat pipe inside. As aluminum plate is slotted, and then affixed to the top of the heat pipe will cause unnecessary energy consumption, using them will heat up slower, constant temperature and other shortcomings.
The case of the lower plate iron or other material, long-term high temperature and pressure environment, will easily deform aging.
According to different size heating plate, upper and lower plates Jieyou weight standard, if too light, too thin, hot plate will easily deformed, affect use. In general, the greater the weight the more reliable performance.
Heat press machine on board in the depressed, you should absolutely parallel and the lower plate. If the test is close to the upper and lower plates bite, you can put a cardboard corners, respectively, or other resilient sheet material object, and then pressing the handle until the death of the upper and lower plates bite card, hard disk will be pulling outwards , you can know whether the formation of the upper and lower plates, the machine is qualified.